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June 29, 2009

Getting Hired: Considering Blog Content

I think, I need to start blogging about PR.  As I become more and more connected online, I’m realizing my virtual world must mature along with mine in reality.  Friends are not just friends, my friends.  They are part of your network, part of your “connection” (@LinkIn).  You are all being followed.  Facebook updates are not just random thoughts flowing into the vast universe of the internet — people actually read them.  Tweeting can get you in trouble, if you don’t grow up (for real instances, just google “in trouble” and “tweeting.”  Not even kidding).

Alright, so, now what? Many communication students are in a transitive space and time in life, turning tools of procrastination into resources of production.

Thus, the question, how imperative is blog content as a student?  Will blogging about music, fashion, food, and very random, random things hinder my credibility as a noob in the PR industry? Do I have to start blogging about PR to be taken seriously?

May 19, 2009

Red House Furniture commercial from High Point N.C.

This is sooo funny…

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April 15, 2009


From my inbox this afternoon…

Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 1:48 PM

Subject: FORMAL NOTICE: Message from the Chancellor: Free Speech at Carolina

I want to express how disappointed I am in what happened last night when former Congressman Tom Tancredo wasn’t able to speak when a protest got out of hand, and our Department of Public Safety had to take action.

Congressman Tancredo felt threatened and left without making his remarks.


Mr. Tancredo was scheduled to speak about immigration. We expect protests about controversial subjects at Carolina. That’s part of our culture. But we also pride ourselves on being a place where all points of view can be expressed and heard. There’s a way to protest that respects free speech and allows people with opposing views to be heard.

Here that’s often meant that groups protesting a speaker have displayed signs or banners, silently expressing their opinions while the speaker had his or her say. That didn’t happen last night.


On behalf of our University community, I called Mr. Tancredo today to apologize for how he was treated. In addition, our Department of Public Safety is investigating this incident. They will pursue criminal charges if any are warranted. Our Division of Student Affairs is also investigating student involvement in the protest. If that investigation determines sufficient evidence, participating students could face Honor Court proceedings.


Carolina’s tradition of free speech is a fundamental part of what has made this place special for more than 200 years. Let’s recommit ourselves to that ideal.




Holden Thorp



This email is sponsored by: Office of the Chancellor

April 14, 2009

stuff i hate


I don’t like the word “um”. It’s not even a word. Stop saying it people.

Hate this question, “How’s life?” or any variation of this vague, frankly, lazy and rude question. I don’t have time to answer you. Ask me something more specific.

Starchy, mildly green bananas.

I don’t believe people that don’t like chocolate. You are a horrible person, a liar and I don’t like you.

I hate spilling stuff on me.

I hate that i need sleep. because I love it too much.

Hate that people actually label their relationship status on facebook.  Just don’t do it.

I hate early classes.

I hate night classes.

Hate socially awkward, aloof people.  If I try, you have to too.

Hate one-uppers.  unless it’s funny.

Spring allergies. it’s JUST GETTING WARM FOR GOD’S SAKE. Gimme a break. No Kit-Kat.

I hate people that don’t flush the toilet.  I mean, what is wrong with you? It’s a matter of courtesy, not water conservation.

Bad gifts.  If you know me and I get one from you, shame on you.  Don’t waste your time shopping, just give me the cash.

The inconsistency of the quality in cafe mochas at the dailygrind. Come on guys.  you are the best.  don’t do that.

Please, people. It’s “ask.”  As in, ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSK. Not Aks.

June 17, 2008

Not A Wear


Last year I noticed kids sporting this tshirt around campus.  The creator of this very clever and powerful statement is Mike Mallah a student at Carolina.  If you’re interested in purchasing one or getting to know the designer hit up the site at  Apparently, this tshirt caught a lot of attention at the recent ADC Convention (American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Convention).  Pictures are posted on the Not A Wear group on Facebook.

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June 4, 2008

New Make Up Obsession

So I’ve somehow developed an obsession with make-up in the last year.  I’ve been experimenting with colors and lines, and I can’t get enough; it’s so damn fun!!  Usually, I take the advantage of the weekends when I go out with friends to do crazy things with colors.  Sephora is like my playground, last time I was there, I think I managed to stay three hours until I realized- oh shit, I should get back to reality.  And then there’s M.A.C., of course.  Every time I walk into these stores I will walk out with multicolored lids, or shimmery cheeks, or glossy lips, if not all of the above (depending on the amount of time I have to spend).  I continue to purchase my share of colors and pallets, but now I’ve moved on to the more of what I call “short term” expenses.  Brushes.  They are really expensive.  (The long term expenses being the colors and pigments because the purchase of these items add up to a lot in the long run).  With the makeup brushes, especially good quality, award winning ones, you’re putting up a lot for one purchase, but you’ll only purchase one.  Anyway, being a broke college student, this price tag causes frustration and heartache on my part, especially now  that I have found a sincere joy in this creative outlet.  The other day I found this guy on youtube who is kind enough to share his wisdom.  EnKoreMakeup’s series of videos offer money-saving tips, make-up advice, and experimenting ideas.  I am loving this one about alternatives to expensive brushes…


K.  I’m on my way to Michael’s…

April 5, 2008


What is this?! At my age, there’s a weird stigma associated with bloggers, and blogging itself.  Only emos or people who have too much time on their hands parttake in this bizzare, sometimes daily, activity.  I just signed up, even though I sympathize with that notion, because I’m trying to branch out and and see what new different communication technologies have to offer, already being overly active on Facebook and everything.  Plus, Anton Zuiker came to the “Current Issues in Mass Comm.” class and shared his blog,, along with benefits of having a blog.  Hundreds of people will sign on and read what random, pointless, ordinary or brilliant things I have to say :), over others’ mundane thoughts.  I’m not being…emo, or anything.  Anyway, let’s see where this will take me…

Roy Williams