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June 29, 2009

Getting Hired: Considering Blog Content

I think, I need to start blogging about PR.  As I become more and more connected online, I’m realizing my virtual world must mature along with mine in reality.  Friends are not just friends, my friends.  They are part of your network, part of your “connection” (@LinkIn).  You are all being followed.  Facebook updates are not just random thoughts flowing into the vast universe of the internet — people actually read them.  Tweeting can get you in trouble, if you don’t grow up (for real instances, just google “in trouble” and “tweeting.”  Not even kidding).

Alright, so, now what? Many communication students are in a transitive space and time in life, turning tools of procrastination into resources of production.

Thus, the question, how imperative is blog content as a student?  Will blogging about music, fashion, food, and very random, random things hinder my credibility as a noob in the PR industry? Do I have to start blogging about PR to be taken seriously?