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August 21, 2008

Coca Cola by Cavalli

Crossing boundaries and embracing artful ways to include fashion in every day, less couture elements, Roberto Cavalli again incorporates his experimental style in a very atypical way…designing Coca Cola bottles (specifically, diet) for Fashion week in Milan. 

(Only available in Italy)

August 12, 2008

Vicky Christina Bacelona

next movie on my list.  acclaimed film by Woody Allen.

August 8, 2008

iPhone Application: I Am Rich

This is too funny…



Costing one grand, this ZERO utility application for the iphone was available for the lavish spenders to show off their wealth…

however, it seems to be off the market for now.

August 5, 2008

Valentino: The Last Emperor

In celebration of Valentino’s career, Matt Tyrnauer of Vanity Fair has gathered a team of filmmakers to tell the tale of the designer’s legacy in Valentino: The Last EmperorIts premiere will be marked by 2008’s New York Fashion Week…no specific date as of yet.  

“Valentino: The Last Emperor is much more than a fashion movie. It is a portrait of an extraordinary partnership, the longest-running in fashion, and a dramatic story about a master confronting the final act of his celebrated career. “

A brief overview of Valentino’s iconic designs:

August 5, 2008

Ratatat- Mirando

Blender describes this as “cock-rock-video game music“.  Me likey.


LP3, their fifth album, was released July 8.