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June 22, 2008

FYI: iPhone 3G Locations

Apparently, the iPhone is costing AT&T a lot of money in subsidies.  Approximately, $325, which is pretty damn high.  Another detail I discovered is that only AT&T stores will provide and activate the iPhone 2.0 when it comes out July 11; not any Apple stores.



ew, the second generation still doesn’t have picture messaging.  what?! why is this simple feature so hard to include???

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June 22, 2008

Cell Shopping: BlackBerry Curve 8310, LG Vu, iPhone 3G


I’m looking to purchase a new phone for multitasking purposes, but I also want something sleek and sexy.  So for the budget I’m working with, I’m researching the LG Vu and the BlackBerry Curve 8310.  I can’t decide.  And, of course, I’m looking into the new iPhone, reviews of which are always off the charts with positive feedback.  Anyhow, it’s on the bottom of the list until I feel like I’m not conforming if I start liking it.

A few helpful vids I found…

BlackBerryCurve 8310:

LG Vu:


An article on TechRadar briefly describes the differences and advantages between the BlackBerry Bold and iPhone 3G, concluding that these two devices are not as much a threat to each other than they are to Windows Mobile and Palm.