NBC entertainment: FAIL

Wow NBC is making a real fool of itself these days with the type of primetime summer shows the network is airing.  Programs titled Celebrity Circus, America’s Got Talent, Deal or No Deal and The Baby Borrowers just scream desparation.  They need a new network exec, for REAL.  What happened to the clever creators and great minds that approved television like The Office (US) and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? I don’t know what is worse: that reality tv has come to such a point as to enforce “birth control” by way of using other’s children to prevent teen pregnancy for the purpose of entertainment, or that NBC, a network that had my respect, being the broadcaster of SNL, Friends, and Seinfeld, is considering such trash television as part of its family, let a lone putting them on during primetime. 


2 Comments to “NBC entertainment: FAIL”

  1. I think Baby Borrowers is a great idea – especially after the MA teen pregnancy pact story broke – are you kidding me?! depending on the actual educational value of the show it might not hurt to start showing it in sex ed or parenting classes that high schools have. It’s just scary when a teenage girl needs to use motherhood as a personal identifier

  2. I agree with Rachel. The Baby Borrowers is a good idea.Now I don’t know about Celebrity Circus or Deal Or No Deal, but the Baby Borrowers doesn’t look bad at all. I don’t know if you watched the show but it actually has somewhat of a point to it.
    Don’t get me wrong, I completely respect your opinion on the show.

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