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June 17, 2008

Versace’s India

Earlier this month Donatella Versace presented her Resort 2009 collection, which caught my eye because of the pants in the line.  She married boyish elegance with Indian charm in creating them.  This is an ingenious combination because the traditional  South(east) Asian trousers, called Churidar, are made for both men and women.  I’m loving how they’re so similar to the everyday-hip skinny jeans.  I never caught this similarity or thought to wear my Churidar pyjamas with my everyday clothes.  Best to start slow and subtle because this is damn edgy.

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June 17, 2008

Not A Wear


Last year I noticed kids sporting this tshirt around campus.  The creator of this very clever and powerful statement is Mike Mallah a student at Carolina.  If you’re interested in purchasing one or getting to know the designer hit up the site at  Apparently, this tshirt caught a lot of attention at the recent ADC Convention (American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Convention).  Pictures are posted on the Not A Wear group on Facebook.

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