Sari: Tradition With A Spin

so hot...The summer season has brought upon its usual wedding craze, which has brought up the question of attendance attire, and more specifically, my ultimate submission into Desi apparel, which I can’t say I absolutely hate.  I rarely get to wear these embellished, exquisite works of art, and usually when I do, ghagras and salwaar kameezes have thus far been my interest.  Recently, I’ve been eyeing the abundant stacks and hangers of saris that my mother has stocked in her closet.  A few designs I’m really liking these days…





(     (   (


(   (   (


From Anjana Bhargav’s 2007 collection at the Wills Lifestyle Fashion week.Design by Anjana Bhargav (

 This is from her 2006 collection from the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week. 

I’m loving what designers have done with the blouse.  The collection on seasonsindia is especially sexy…

One Comment to “Sari: Tradition With A Spin”

  1. hi i want to kwon how you do of the back part of the arabe clothes

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