New Make Up Obsession

So I’ve somehow developed an obsession with make-up in the last year.  I’ve been experimenting with colors and lines, and I can’t get enough; it’s so damn fun!!  Usually, I take the advantage of the weekends when I go out with friends to do crazy things with colors.  Sephora is like my playground, last time I was there, I think I managed to stay three hours until I realized- oh shit, I should get back to reality.  And then there’s M.A.C., of course.  Every time I walk into these stores I will walk out with multicolored lids, or shimmery cheeks, or glossy lips, if not all of the above (depending on the amount of time I have to spend).  I continue to purchase my share of colors and pallets, but now I’ve moved on to the more of what I call “short term” expenses.  Brushes.  They are really expensive.  (The long term expenses being the colors and pigments because the purchase of these items add up to a lot in the long run).  With the makeup brushes, especially good quality, award winning ones, you’re putting up a lot for one purchase, but you’ll only purchase one.  Anyway, being a broke college student, this price tag causes frustration and heartache on my part, especially now  that I have found a sincere joy in this creative outlet.  The other day I found this guy on youtube who is kind enough to share his wisdom.  EnKoreMakeup’s series of videos offer money-saving tips, make-up advice, and experimenting ideas.  I am loving this one about alternatives to expensive brushes…


K.  I’m on my way to Michael’s…

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